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Message from the President

The Qualify of Life Foundation, Support Council of International Activities for General Medical Research (QoLF) contributes to medical improvement by facilitating trainings in Japan for foreign specialists and dispatching Japanese specialists overseas for technical transfer and by promoting medical education. QoLF works closely with embassies in Japan, which recommend participating doctors from their countries, and cooperating medical institutions in Japan, which support QoLF by accepting trainings and dispatching specialists.

To date, QoLF has made it possible for inviting Lithuanian, Polish, Armenian, Peruvian, Uruguay, Angolan and Botswana doctors to train in cooperation with the International Medical Center at the University of Tokyo Hospital, the Cancer Institute Hospital of Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research and St. Luke’s International Hospital. We have received reports and expressions of gratitude from each of the participating embassies that the doctors, on returning to their home countries, could successfully apply the techniques they acquired in Japan to the treatment of their patients. We were particularly honoured to receive a letter of appreciation from former President Mujica of Uruguay.

In 2018 we sent a specialist recommended by the University of Tokyo Hospital as visiting consultants to hospitals in the Argentine Republic, the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of El Salvador. The specialist successfully introduced Japanese medical technologies to the doctors at the hospitals, and he engaged himself in international exchange in various ways such as being invited to the national conference of academic society.

This year’s charity proceeds will be applied to trainings for doctors from the Helleric Republic and the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria at the International Medical Center at the University of Tokyo Hospital and the Cancer Research Institute Hospital. QoLF will continue its best efforts to support the doctors so that, on their return to their home countries, as many patients as possible may benefit from their expert care.

General Incorporated Association Quality of Life Foundation
“Support Council of International Activities for General Medical Research”
President Hiroko Suzuki