Mrs. Junko Anraku, MC opened the gala

Medical Lecture by Dr. Yamauchi, Head of Breast Center, Breast Surgery Department, Saint Luke’s International Hospital, QOLF Medical Advisor

Dr. Bogusevicius, Lithuanian Breast Surgeon (right) and Dr.Hideko Yamauchi

Opening Address by Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki, the President of QOLF

Warm greeting from QOLF Honorary Advisor, former Ambassador of Czech Republic, Ms. Katerina Fialkova

Toast by H.E. Mr. Grant POGOSYAN Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia, QOLF Honorary Advisor

From left: H.E. Mr & Mrs Ambassador of Peru, H.E. Ms. Ambassador of El Salvador

From left: former H.E.Ambassador of Czech Republic, QOLF president Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki, Mr. Takashi Suzuki

From back left: H.E. Ambassador of Bulgaria, H.E. Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador of Lithuania, Mr. Takashi Suzuki, H.E. Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador of Poland
Front from left: former Ambassador of Czech Republic, Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki, Ms. Helena Poor, President of International NY Times Asia Pacific

Back from left: H.E. Mr.&Mrs. Ambassador of Palestine, Dr. Hiroshi Iwase from Japanese Breast Cancer Society, Mrs. Ambassador of Yemen
Front from left: H.E. Mr. Ambassador of Botswana, H.E. Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador of Cuba

Back from left: H.E. Mr & Mrs Ambassador of Peru, Guest, Guest, H.E. Ms. Ambassador of Ireland
Front from left: H.E. Ms. Ambassador of El Salvador, H.E. Mr&Mrs. Ambassador of Armenia, the husband of Irish Ambassador

Back from left: H.E. Mr. &Mrs. Ambassador of Uruguay, H.E. Mr. &Mrs. Ambassador of Singapore, Ms. Tomoko Takada
Front from left: Member of House of Representatives Mr.Tadamori Ohshima, Mr&Mrs Ginjiro Ishii

Daughters of Polish Ambassadors as our raffle tickets sales staff

Prize presented by Singaporean Ambassador to the Lucky winner of donated prize: Object of Singapore

Gala Dinner

Prize presented by H.E. Polish Ambassador to the successful bidder
Auction prize donated by Polish Embassy: Dinner at the Embassy with live music and return ticket (business class) to Warsaw

Irish Ambassador won the raffle prize donated by Palestine Embassy: A large handmade mirror

Successful bidder, Bulgarian Ambassador who received a hotel voucher of Shiga Kogen Hotel Grand Phoenix, from the donner, Mr. Tajima, MD/President of Zuika International

Lithuanian Ambassador presents the donated prize to Successful bidder
Prize: Jewelry, specially designed for PINK BEAUTY

Former Czech Ambassador (left) presents a Czech glass to the winner, the wife of Peruvian Ambassador

Cuban Ambassador presents Cuban highest quality cigars to the successful bidder.

Ms. Ambassador of El Salvador (left) presents the own-selected painting by the famous El Salvador painter to the lucky winner

The wife of Uruguayan Ambassador explains the prize donated from the Embassy

Lucky winner of concert tickets

Donated Prize: Beauty lesson at Lithuanian Embassy by Mr. Steven Haven (known as Miss Universe walking couch) and Mr. Hiroshi Mikami (Hair & Make-up artist for celebrities)
Mr. Stuart O

Gala Dinner & Events

President Hiroko Suzuki of Quality of Life Foundation presents the donations to Dr. Hiroshi Iwase, representing the Japanese Breast Cancer Society(JBCS). The donated proceeds go to International Fellowship Grant of JBCS for researchers training abroad

Live Music
Left: Roberto Di Candido (Tr)
Right: Ms. Megumi Sunada (Sp)

Closing Remarks from H.E. Ambassador of Lithuania

Distinguished guests

From left: Mrs. Hiroko Suzuki, H.E. Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador of Cuba Republic


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