A speech at a charity banquet held at the ambassador’s residence of the Republic of Argentina



Lecture by Dr.Sumihito TAMURA MD, PhD,FACS Director, international Medical Center, The University of Tokyo Hospital



Dinner at the Argentinian ambassador’s residence



For everyone who participated

From the left front row QoLF Executive Director Mrs. Tanaka, Mrs. Morita, Mrs. Iio, Director Mrs. Anraku, Mrs. Ushimaru, Mrs. Mori, Mrs. Katsura, Mr. Ikeda.
From the left behind row Mr. and Mrs. Shimazu, Mentao performers, Embassy of Argentine Republic His Excellency Mr. Alan Claudio BERAUD,  QoLF President Mrs. Suzuki, Dr. Baba, Dr. Tamura, Mrs. Takada, Mrs.Idemitsu, Mr. Taruma.